The Elephant in the Room

I walk into the majorette audition with butterflies in my stomach. I take a gander at all of the other women who are stretching, pacing back and forth to get rid of the jitters, or sitting calmly and confidently waiting for try-outs to begin. Three judges enter the room with a young woman dressed in her majorette uniform. They quickly explain that the young lady was a study who will show us a few eight counts that we will be expected to perform on command. If this portion went well, they would then ask to see our personal audition pieces that we prepared.

An hour later, the line up of twenty girls shrank down to three, myself included. I was so close to my dream of dancing on the field and in the stands while exuding my school spirit in front of hundreds each week. Each of us danced our audition pieces, mine being to Eve’s “Tambourine”. Two of the judges applauded, one gave a standing ovation. The last judge shot me the meanest glare and guffawed afterwards.

Then there were two. A tall slender girl and I. We stood side by side awaiting our fate in front of those three judges. After much discussion among themselves, the stood and beckoned us to the table. The judge who did not seem to take a liking to me proudly placed a hand on the shoulder of my competitor and asked to speak to her in the hall as the second judge quickly made an exit. The last judge introduced himself as the band director and asked that I sat down as he had a proposition for me. I wave of nervousness washed over me as I took my seat and overheard the tall girl celebrating in the next room. The band director patted me on my back as if he was consoling me before giving me the bad news. The other judges slowly crept back into the room. One of them had their head down and the one that was not a fan of mine had a look of contempt on her face. She couldn’t hide her smirk. “Sweetie”, she began, “it was a tough decision, and we can tell you gave it your all today, but, I just don’t think that this is for you. As a matter of fact I’m not sure that you would be able to fit any of my uniforms”. The band director cleared his throat, but I’m sure it was his uneasiness that he wanted to clear away. “He and I disagree” he stated. “However, she is the coach so we won’t force anyone on her team. I would like to offer you a spot on our color guard squad though! There are plenty of girls like you on the team and it will give you a year to learn all of our stands and try out again come band camp!”

After he said, “girls like you”, the rest sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher was speaking on his behalf. I suddenly realized what the uneasiness was about. The elephant in the room was that I WAS THE ELEPHANT in that room. They acknowledged that I was a great dancer. I had made it their top two picks and had out danced many girls. It was my size that was making them uncomfortable. I stood up straight, held my head high, shook their hands, and turned down their offer to join the color guard.

A week later I was approached by a modeling troupe and became all the rage! A little over a decade later and here I am. This rejection and ridicule birthed THE BIG BADD WOLFE! A woman determined to encourage young women and men to defy and destroy the rules and stereotypes that society has placed on the curvy community!

She was on a journey that required her to be fierce. She was up for the task! – Uknown

Published by thebigbaddwolfe

A curvy queen empowering all women of all sizes to end body shaming! If the crown fits...wear it! Queen, you're the perfect size!๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ‘‘

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