Round of ApPAWS for Animal Prints!

The Myth of the Prints

The Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, Big Foot: big and scary mythical creatures and most, if not all, of these fabled beings have been proven nonexistent. Another big, fat, scary myth to add to the list of legendary lies is plus size women in animal print! For years, the curvy community, (as I like to refer us as), has been restricted and forbidden to wear prints, especially animal prints, in fear of the patterns and stripes accentuating our love handles and muffin tops. Lies! All lies!

I was taught from listening to fashion experts and reading in the top fashion magazines that patterns give the illusion that we are much bigger than what we are. I thought that prints were only meant to be used as an accent such as shoes or accessories, but never to be worn from head to toe. However, animal print can actually have the reverse effect.

Featuring Ebone Mozelle: Professional Stylist & Fashionista

Above Ebone is exemplifying the magic of mixed prints!

“Leopard prints never lose their spots or station in fashion.”– Iman

Bodysuit and dresses found on

I’ve found that animal print actually does for my body type the same thing that it does for the animal originally donning those spots and stripes: camouflage! Yes, animal print helps instead of harm our look as we’ve been told. It blends well with our body, complements darker complexions, hide our rolls, and most of all, highlights our curves!

Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Hat: Landa Izsms

When the average person pairs animal print with an accent color they tend to go for the usual choice of red or black in fear of going too bold. Be bold and beautiful! Neon and mixed prints are all the rage now! Pair that snakeskin with a neon green or yellow shoe! Throw a graphic tee on with some cheetah or tiger print bottoms. Pull on a neutral colored top and slip on a cow hide skirt. One of my favorite print is giraffe! Rare and earthy, yet overlooked. A giraffe print dress with a leather jacket is definitely an eye catcher. Try wearing a cheetah print blazer with plaid bottoms and kill the catwalk! Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Wear animal prints and don’t be shy!

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