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Solitude, social distancing, senior prom cancellation, summer festivals done away with until further notice: these are a few of my least favorite things! The corona virus pandemic has forced us all to take a closer look at ourselves and to stop taking for granted the simple pleasures in life that are least appreciated…like shopping! I know there are greater things to fret about, no doubt, but I never realized how therapeutic and enjoyable it was to walk into a store or mall and run my eyes across the aisles of racks awaiting me.

Being the heavyset hottie that I am, there is a short list of retail stores that I miss because they really cater to a curvy chic’s needs! Some of these retailers unfortunately are not online but, in my opinion, all the best steals and deals are the ones that you can actually get your hands on and try on prior to purchase. There is something so very rewarding about spotting the perfect garment in just the right size in the most complimentary color there is! Let me share with you a couple of stores that will satisfy this thrill that you seek!

Vans purchased at Journeys

  1. Forever 21 : Although this brand is well-known, many are not aware of the deals that can be found here. You can shop online here, but again, the best deals are in the store. In the left picture above, the sheer leopard top was purchased for under $5 due to the seasonal sale. The leather mini skirt was also on sale for only $10. The chunky heel suede booties were not on sale, but there are extremely comfortable. The picture on the right displays a Ramones band t-shirt and spandex bell-bottom pants also from Forever 21. The band tees can get a bit expensive priced at $25-$30, but they are long lasting, stretchy, comfy, and classic.

2. Ross Dress for Less: Absolutely addictive! As a woman with curves I highly recommend any and all members of the curvy community to shop here…often! From head to toe, (minus the accessories), these entire looks are all from Ross. At Ross, I always spend less then $60 on one entire look which includes the shoes. I can spend hours in Ross, not because it is difficult to find clothing in my size or style, but quite the opposite. Everything is affordable and adorable! The crop top on the right cost less than $3, the skort was about $12, and the shoes were under $30. My little red dress in the middle was only $13 and the shoes $25. My yellow Easter dress costed my $10 and my red shoes were $30!

Jewelry and headband from Forever 21

3. Fashion Empire: Model management, boutique, studios, etc. Fashion Empire is your one stop shop for all of your beauty and fashion needs. If your are anything like me, when you are going out you want to be a show stopper and the last thing that you need is to have the queen next to you draped identical pieces! This is why I love shopping at high end shoppes tucked in away in plain sight where sizes and styles are limited so that you can drop jaws in something exclusive! Fashion Empire is owned by a team of designers, vendors, stylists, and models. You can book a personal stylist via phone or Facebook and get a unique look tailored to your style. You can also book photo shoots, makeup sessions, order personalized gear, and much more. Radiantly U, Fashion Over Foolishness, Voluptuous Woman, and Tia Lynette are available online! Connect with these brands on Facebook via Fashion Empire or directly.

In respects to the laws and guidelines put in place due to the current corona crisis, these stores are not currently open, however, shopping online is a sufficient substitute. Nevertheless, do not be heavy hearted, this too shall pass and when it does, fling the doors open and traipse into these businesses like nobody’s business!

Fashion Over Foolishness
Beni Empire
Radiantly U Boutique
Voluptuous Woman

Tia Lynette & Radiantly U

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