Aesthetically Speaking…

From boho to biker, from hip hop to Harajuku, from geek chic to grunge, the world of fashion is broad and dates back so far that the list of looks, trends, and styles are countless! Fashion can be used as our own little time stamp on history while trending looks often repeat itself as history tends to do.

1960’s Mod Style

We’ve all craved a particular dish or food and the craving remains until it is satisfied with the taste that we are in the mood for. I crave aesthetics just the same and the hunger is insatiable. Fashion connoisseurs have great tastes in style and fashion forward looks. Fashion is fun and creative. Fashion is art. It is expressive and changes just like your palate. Your aesthetic does not have to be limited to one particular look. Experiment, intermix, or if you choose, stick with the one that suits you and refine it! Here are a couple of my favorite aesthetics that I think you ought to give a try:

  1. Preppy

The preppy look is very clean cut, dapper, and pristine. Mixed between business casual and prep school attire, the preppy look is fun to wear to an office party, interview, a mixer, or upscale event. Here’s my take on it:

Purse by Tia Lynette

Sweatshirt by Fashion Over Foolishness
Blazer by H&M
Skirt by Forever21

2. One of my favorite go to styles is what I like to call the “rocker” look. I love the way that it intertwines the the 70’s hard rock feel with 90’s grunge style sprinkled with a hint of biker. It is the perfect recipe for self expression through threads:

Fishnets, distressed jeans, leather, and graphic tees are just a few of the fun garments and fabrics that is played with here. This look, once so full of teenage angst and rebellion, is now so edgy! I appreciate the way that the different layers of various textures compliment one other.

3. Geek Chic is a look that combines the patterns and fabric of the preppy look with fun accessories like suspenders, glasses, back packs, and silly socks. With this look, you have to be careful of the accessories that is added and the length of the skirt/shorts so that you are giving more nerdy and less naughty as the latter may result in a near cheapened porn star look. Yikes!

This is another beloved look of mine because it is classy yet sexy. Geek chic gives a hint of skin yet remains modest. It can be flirty and still allows you function in any setting.

While many like to have a signature look, some people like to have their attire reflect their mood or the occasion. Your fashion aesthetic can speak volumes and represent your taste in style. Be bold enough to try something new or continue to stand confidently in a look that is totally you!

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