I’m Spent!

Solitude, social distancing, senior prom cancellation, summer festivals done away with until further notice: these are a few of my least favorite things! The corona virus pandemic has forced us all to take a closer look at ourselves and to stop taking for granted the simple pleasures in life that are least appreciated…like shopping! IContinue reading “I’m Spent!”


Do you believe that you are a BFF? Are you the beautiful full figured queen or the big fat friend? Are you the Baddie that’s Fine and Focused? Are you a Bombshell Femme Fatale? Only you can decide. With self-love, confidence, and ambition you will be a true BFF (Best Friend Forever) to the one who needs you to be the most: YOU!

Round of ApPAWS for Animal Prints!

I was taught from listening to fashion experts and reading in the top fashion magazines that patterns give the illusion that we are much bigger than what we are. I thought that prints were only meant to be used as an accent such as shoes or accessories, but never to be worn from head toContinue reading “Round of ApPAWS for Animal Prints!”